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  • Imagine having 24/7 guidance with you — giving you clarity and feedback for every important choice in your life — helping you to align with your highest potential and purpose.
  • Imagine living the life you’ve only yet longed for — a life of purpose, authenticity, and abundance.
  • Imagine being in the flow with all the soul-felt things you’re destined for.

All of these things are ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE when you learn to hone and follow your inner guidance system!

Would you like to step into this potential now?


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Why your inner guidance is your most powerful tool

Normally we rely on our intuition to let us know important things, but unfortunately it can be spotty at best, and hard to rely on with any sense of accuracy.

So I’ve developed a system of honing your inner guidance that will guide you not only daily, but it actually responds to each and every situation, choice, and even your words and thoughts (!), to let you know whether they are in or out of alignment with you.

Can you imagine a guidance system that can give you that kind of 24/7 feedback? Where you can check in to discover if this is the best choice for you, before you make it?

The amazing thing about following this guidance system, is that it actually aligns you with your absolute highest potential! This is because you’re listening to your soul voice — the same voice that leads you to your purpose — because it sees your whole life path!

Learning how to tap into this guidance is pivotal to creating the best life for yourself…

A little bit about me...

Hello to you all, my name is Felicity and I’m a soul alignment coach, spiritual mentor, speaker and teacher. I’m absolutely thrilled to have you here. I’ve created this site to be a reflection of who I am, what I stand for, and the journey I want to share with you.

My early journey began as a young child, reading philosophical bedtime books like “The Tao of Pooh” and “Johnathan Livingston Seagull,” and meeting and getting to know people like J.Kristnamurti. (Who by the way, loved the comic strip “Denis the Menace.”

But my real journey began after my near-death accident, which led me, without knowing it, to using my inner guidance as the driver of my life. Additionally, something was ignited within me to start my quest for spiritual and healing knowledge and practice.


What my clients had to say

Felicity happened into my world in the NICK of time! You can’t find this kind of coaching (metaphysical) just anywhere! And it’s exactly what I need. With her guidance I have increased my business’ productivity and grown a tighter connection to Spirit, Guides and especially the wisdom being offered to me for my projects and journey!

Rev. Gillian V. HarrisThe Conscious Cougar

Felicity is a true blessing in my life. I found her inspiring videos on YouTube and I immediately felt a deep resonance with her. She speaks from a place of authenticity, directly from her soul to yours. I started my sessions with her with the intention of improving my Clairaudient skills. She has been coaching me in a very profound, delicate and detailed way. Her feedback and end-of-session synthesis are so precious! I have recently begun a second series of sessions with her, as our focus has organically evolved into exploring my life purpose and how the law of attraction plays its major role in guiding us toward the fulfillment of our purpose. Felicity pierces through the often confused expression of my words. She has the rare gift of being able to grasp and mirror back the essence in such a clear, articulate and inspiring way. She is very flexible with her session days/times, making it especially easy for those of us who live on the other side of the planet to work with her. I love Felicity's sense of humor — we have so much fun in these sessions! Thank you Felicity for taking me on this extraordinary journey with you!


She (Felicity) has a great combination of mysticism & psychic skills and she offers grounded and uncomplicated explanations for psychic phenomenon. Psychic skills might seem unreachable for many of us, however she makes It clear that it is possible to develop these skills at a much higher level than most of us realize we are capable of.

Barbara YaffeeTeacher — Psychological Astrology Reader

Working with Felicity has been a wonderful experience! Felicity has helped me thoughtfully reflect upon and better understand my intuitive abilities. A seasoned coach and apt listener, she has offered helpful guidance and encouragement at every turn. Our sessions have been turnkey for confidence building as I learned how to slow down and decode the inner workings of my unique gifts. I fully appreciate the time I spent with Felicity because it has served as a foundation for how I can continue to develop and honor my gifts.


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