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Hello! I’m Felicity, and I’m absolutely thrilled to have you here. I’ve created this site to be a reflection of who I am, what I stand for, and the journey I want to share with you.

My early journey began as a young child, reading philosophical bedtime books like “The Tao of Pooh” and “Johnathan Livingston Seagull,” and meeting and getting to know people like J.Kristnamurti. (Who upon meeting him, told me personally that he loved the comic strip “Denis the Menace.”)

But my real journey began after my near-death accident, which led me without knowing it, to using my inner guidance as the driver of my life. Additionally, something was ignited within me to start my quest for spiritual and healing knowledge and practice.

Throughout this journey over the next 30+ years, I learned how to hone my own inner & higher guidance, as well as I developed my energetic (psychic) senses to be what they are today.

It is my goal to not only combine science and spirit, but to simplify spiritual knowledge and its language so that it is more accessible to everyone.

I was incredibly frustrated that the language people used to define spiritual principles made the concepts hard to grasp, and was essentially “gatekeeping” the wisdom. I wanted to bring everything down to earth in order to bridge the gap, so that we can, as a society, truly benefit from it.

It’s my hope that you will get a huge “aha” moment when working with me, when you realize that you really DO have all the answers available to you — within you. It’s just about learning how to recognize, receive, & interpret the guidance. And that’s where I come in!

Why work with me...

Throughout my life I have been learning how to hone my inner knowing to use as a direct and clear system of guidance & feedback. I have developed it into a tool that you can use 24/7 to guide you through every important choice or situation in your life; instead of waiting for it to arrive when the stars align just so.

Most programs teach you how to access your inner guidance by being receptive to when the guidance occurs. I will teach you not only how to do that, but also how to pay attention to the inner system that’s actually giving you feedback to everything you experience, if you only learn how to recognize it within you. It’s this tool that not only gives you feedback for (just about) every potential choice, but it also lets you know if your words and thoughts are in alignment with you too!

You can essentially hone this guidance system to help you to stay in alignment with your highest potential, thus allowing you to live a soul-driven life of authenticity, purpose, and abundance.

It is my goal to inspire and empower you to access you own guidance, instead of looking outside of yourself for the answers. Through developing your inner guidance system, plus you energetic (psychic) senses, you have the ability to be accompanied throughout life by your own inner knowing, your guides, and the Universe.

Are you ready?

What can you expect...

When working together, you can expect:

  • To be given clear steps and tools towards developing your abilities
  • To be given weekly homework that is created especially for you, where you are in your development
  • To be given feedback, support, and validation regarding your abilities and your development
  • To have every step of our time together be tailored specifically to you, your needs, and your development

My commitment to you...

I’m committed to connecting you with your innate abilities and guidance!

Yes, they are innate, because they are part of who you are as an energetic being. Just like physical bodies have physical senses, your energetic body has energetic senses too. These are your psychic abilities and inner guidance. So you are meant to use them! They are your first and foremost means of communication and receiving information. So I am committed to reconnecting you with your innate abilities.

In this journey I want to get to know you better, hear your stories, and learn how I can support you on your path to self empowerment.

In order to help you best, I need you to be up front with me and communicate your needs. If for any reason I’m not meeting your needs, please let me know! That way I can adjust my approach. I have yet to have any client walk away without feeling empowered.

Thank you for being here. Together, we’ll create something amazing!

Warm regards,

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