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Dr. Stephanie Bridwell

NOTE: Closed captions/subtitles are available in the video if you select it.

The Energetics and Power of Our Spine

Dr. Stephanie Bridwell has helped people heal trauma, connect to the potential of the quantum field, and grow the size and coherence of their nervous systems for 3 decades. She considers herself a multidimensional embodiment artist. She earned a doctorate degree in Chiropractic and a Masters of Science degree in Clinical Psychology, as well as an expansive range of certifications in healing technologies. She founded Yoga in the Flow, a studio that bridged mental health and body healing through yoga. She taught yoga and meditation internationally. She also founded Magnolia Wellness Center, a hub for alternative healing in San Francisco for 15 years. She founded Energy Flow Studio in Marin, California in service to the embodied energetics of a new world. She developed the TRUST activation trauma release and reorganization method and book. She is the author of a quantum healing book to be released early 2023. She currently teaches internationally through her online community, as well as leads international retreats serving healing, energy, and the feminine.