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Dillon Dhanecha

NOTE: Closed captions/subtitles are available in the video if you select it.

Using Neuroscience to Rewire for Abundance Consciousness

Dillon is a human that doesn’t fit categories. Equal parts millionaire social housing investor and international spiritual wealth mentor he has spent decades exploring the money game through a neuro-yogic lens. Based on trainings in Pranayama with Swami Ramdev at the Patanjali Yogpeeth India and in Vedic science with the monks of ISKON Italy, he created The M.O.N.E.Y Code, a neuro-yogic modality that cuts the evolutionary chords of scarcity plaguing the human species. Always mindful of his refugee roots, Dillon and his team transform abandoned buildings to beautiful homes for vulnerable families. By his own admission, the work he does is an unlikely mix of activity that helps him to navigate the money game with a deep sense of spiritual integrity.



The M.O.N.E.Y. Code 1 Day Retreat: Rewire for Abundance Permanently using a Powerful Neuro-Yogic Technique Built on Advanced Neurology and Ancient Biophysics.

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Code 1: Aligning Your Soul Money Code by Purging Historic Trauma from your Money-DNA

Historic trauma is stored as your Soul Money Code. It impacts your ability to manifest financial abundance on a deeply energetic level in the brain and the body. Each Soul Money Code is personal and that is why conventional ‘money mindset’ techniques fail to create lasting financial abundance. This code can make it impossible to attract money unless you purge trauma that is coded into your money-DNA at a cellular and neural level. Here’s where you discover the Neuro-Yogic Science that can purge sub-conscious money trauma and align your Soul Money Code for effortless money manifesting.

Code 2: Amplifying Your Star Money Code by Shaping Electromagnetic Charge

Fears of never having enough and fears of losing it all can be buried so deeply in the brain and the body that they are beyond the reach of ‘money mindset’ strategies. These fears corrupt the Star Money Code which shapes an electromagnetic charge that can repel money even if your vision is one of financial abundance! Abundance is not a destination but an energetic response to the world around us and you’ll learn a simple technique for shaping the electromagnetic charge to radiate the energy that effortlessly draws opportunity, resource and serendipity towards you.

Code 3: Activating Your Sage Money Code by Entering the Vortex in Just 7-Minutes Each Morning

Manifesting money in its most powerful form is so spontaneous that it feels like magic. Just like a mystical sage, you set intention and the conditions for realisation begin to show themselves immediately. Whilst it may feel like magic, it is not. It is a vortex of energy that is created by your Sage Money Code. The human body is designed to tap this vortex of manifesting energy through the alignment of brain, body and soul. Sage meets Scientist as you learn the 6-minute process for activating three energy systems and entering the vortex daily to produce spontaneous money manifestations, like magic.