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Alec Figueroa

NOTE: Closed captions/subtitles are available in the video if you select it.

Exploring the Potential of Our Energetic Body

Alec is a forward thinking consciousness researcher and coach. He specializes in visualization training for all types of visualization or lack thereof. He utilizes entrepreneurial ventures to further the concepts of our collective experience of reality. He’s also a huge nerd.

Alec is an up and coming consciousness researcher and coach. He’s been working for the past 4 years in an area of neuroscience known as “aphantasia”, which describes lack of visual imagination. For a few years, he was the only coach on the planet offering this specific type of personal development.

Alec also loves to explore the bounds of consciousness and metaphysical phenomenon. Truly, he would say what we call “spirituality” is really just a realm of science that we don’t yet understand. Therefore, he sees it as extremely important to bring legitimate scientific processes to metaphysical phenomenon. After all, if our consciousness as human beings was not only limited to our physical forms, wouldn’t we want to explore that potential fully?



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