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Luke Scott III

NOTE: Closed captions/subtitles are available in the video if you select it.

Quantum Healing

Luke Scott III is a world-renowned Spiritual Mentor, award-winning International Speaker, Investigative Journalist and Television Show Host. Luke is the Founder of the revolutionary Quantum Regression and Integration Therapy (Q-RIT). This is one of the most powerful modalities in the world for creating lasting transformation and upgrades in your life and the lives of your clients.

Luke is also one of the Founders of the Academy of Conscious Sexuality which runs workshops, retreats and online courses to teach adults and young people the steps to having amazing, loving and conscious sexual experiences.

After being deleted from Facebook and Instagram for sharing too much Truth, Luke lost over 20,000 followers and had his businesses accounts locked out overnight. This prompted Luke to start up his own News Channel where he cannot be censored called the Truth Speakers Network.

One of Luke’s greatest joys is Mentoring and Guiding people and businesses to help them become aligned with the Grandest Version of the Greatest Vision of what is possible for them in this lifetime.



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