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Holly Starr

NOTE: Closed captions/subtitles are available in the video if you select it.

Helping Children to Stay Connected to Their Spiritual Gifts

Holly Starr’s focus is to help parents nurture the spiritual gifts of their new arrivals. This raises the level of their consciousness, keeping their rich and high frequency gifts ONLINE so we can not only further inventions and innovations for future generations, but it keeps them tapped into their deeper soul selves. How many times do we hear adults saying, “When I was a child, and then as an adult, I had to relearn and reconnect to my gifts….” Her mission is to keep these children completely tuned in and giving parents tools to support their kiddos.


GIFT: Discover Your Child’s Hidden Spiritual Gifts

Is your child an Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Starseed, Diamond, or Golden child? Uncover the unique spiritual traits and gifts that set them apart. This quiz is designed to help parents identify and understand their child’s special abilities and characteristics, offering insights on how to nurture their potential. Dive into this enchanting journey and learn how to support your child’s spiritual growth and development. Start the quiz now to reveal the magic within your child!