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Dr. Jeff Tarrant

NOTE: Closed captions/subtitles are available in the video if you select it.

A Brain-based Approach to Psychic (PSI) Phenomena

Jeff Tarrant, Ph.D., BCN is the founder and Director of the NeuroMeditation Institute and Psychic Mind Science in Eugene, Oregon. He is a licensed psychologist and board certified in neurofeedback. His research focuses on exploring brainwave changes that occur as a result of contemplative practices, technological interventions, non-ordinary states of consciousness, & psi-related abilities. Dr. Tarrant is the author of the books, “Meditation Interventions to Rewire the Brain” and “Becoming Psychic.” In addition to his clinical background, Dr. Tarrant has also trained extensively in a variety of spiritual, meditative, and energy-based practices.



“Exploring Your Psychic Mind” — This 30 page e-book provides a clear summary of brainwave basics, followed by an explanation of the most common brainwave patterns observed in Dr. Tarrant’s research with mediums, psychics, and healers. This information is then used to explore a variety of strategies to shift your brain for increased psychic potential.