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Welcome to my Podcast

In this podcast we will dive deep into what it means to be an energetic being having a human physical experience. We will explore our energetic (psychic) senses and how they work, and how to discern and use them. We will discuss how to be responsible with our own energy, and how to manage the energy we pick up from others without becoming overwhelmed. We will get into topics like: channeling, mediumship, the Akashic Records, energy healing, psychic development, manifestation, spirit guides, our higher self, and so much more. And we will do this by bridging science and spirituality, while simplifying and breaking down the spiritual language to make the terms and concepts accessible to all. If this sounds exciting to you, come deep dive with me now!


Do you wish that spiritual concepts weren’t so confusing? Does anyone REALLY know what the Akashic Records really are, or where it really is? Or where to find your Higher Self? Is it up there somewhere? And if so, where?

In this podcast it’s my goal to breakdown these ideas and explain not only what they are, but where exactly you can find them.

I’m not going to parrot more confusing concepts! Instead I’m going to simplify everything in order to make it accessible to all. This means bridging science and spirituality, and helping people to understand everything in terms of energy.

In this podcast I will also go deep into what it means to be an energetic being having a human physical experience. How to use our energetic (psychic) senses. How to be mindful of the energy we give off and receive. How to create healthy energetic boundaries. How to use energy to heal ourselves and others. How to manifest using energy. And what to do to maintain healthy energetic vitality. Essentially how to be responsible energetic beings.

In each episode we’ll explore one spiritual or metaphysical topic after the other, from channeling to mediumship, to auras and psychometry, with the goal of making it more fully understood.

Sometimes I’ll have some awesome guests too! And sometimes we’ll have some great laughs over the complete absurdity of the Universe.

Either way, get ready to dive deep and unravel the Universe with me…


Have you been curious about your true nature as an energetic being having a human physical experience? Do you want to know more about your purpose? Would you like to know more about your energetic senses, and even your physical senses, and how they relate to one another?

Come dive deep with me as I talk about these things and explore our greater beingness and reality.

  • What does it mean to be an energetic being?
  • What is our purpose?
  • Why don’t we notice our psychic senses?
  • How are we multi-dimensional and multi-frequency?
  • and so much more…..

Let’s dive in!


Curious about how your mind’s eye works? Did you know that your inner vision is on a spectrum? Did you know that some people don’t have a mind’s eye? Learn all about this and how it relates to your psychic seeing or Clairvoyance.

In this interview I will be talking with Alec Figueroa from the Research Center for Developing Consciousness. He has been examining and dissecting metaphysical and cognitive phenomena for over 10 years. We will go deeply into his work on Aphantasia and Prophantasia, as well as talk about how it relates to your inner seeing.

Come explore with us!