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What it's like to work with me...

Each person I work with is unique, so each approach I use is unique. No two people are treated the same.

Your abilities are different, and how you use them are different, so how we work together will be focused 100% on you!

With my 1:1 coaching, each week you’ll receive individualized homework catered to YOUR needs. And each week we will review your experiences, and give you feedback and support on your challenges and successes.

Some may call this bespoke coaching… I just call it meeting your precise needs…

1:1 Coaching

My coaching is catered to your needs and development. Sessions are weekly, for a series of 8 sessions. You can choose to:

  • Develop your powerful inner guidance system
  • Develop your specific energetic (psychic) abilities
  • Connect with your unique purpose
  • Learn how to manifest with real power

1:1 VIP Coaching

With the VIP Coaching, you will additionally be able to reach me throughout the week via Voxer for any questions you might have, as well as receive feedback.

  • 24 hour Voxer: Reach out any hour (will reply at various points throughout the day/night)
  • Get feedback and support between coaching sessions
  • Get confirmation & validation when you need it
  • Ask any questions you have, when you have them!

Power Hour

With the power hour, you have 90 minutes of dedicated you-time. Whatever major issue you want to work on, we can delve deep into.

  • Want to deep dive into one specific topic?
  • Need feedback or support about one challenge or area in particular?
  • Get any needed confirmation & validation
  • Ask any questions you have!

Voxer Day

8 hours of questions answers, feedback given, and validation/confirmation via Voxer. I will respond many times throughout the day.

  • 8 hour day of Voxer
  • Get feedback and support
  • Get confirmation & validation
  • Ask any questions you have!

Sacred Journeying

In the Sacred Journeying Session you will be guided to access the things deep within your subconscious that are causing blocks.

  • This is a special sacred journeying process for a select few.
  • There’s an interview process to see if this is a good fit.
  • The session is anywhere from 90-120 minutes.
  • It helps if you have a strong inner world.

But the absolute BEST way to work with me is through the…

What's Inside

In the Soul Guided Living Membership, we pride ourselves in creating a community that cultivates self-energetic-awareness, a connection to your innate tools and guidance, and a supportive and like-minded community

Learning about our energy and how to use it intelligently and responsibly is the cornerstone of this community. When we learn how to use our energy to create healthy energetic relationships, as well as tap into our own guidance, we become powerful creators.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in your membership and the incredible benefits you’ll enjoy:

Exclusive Access

As a member, you’ll gain exclusive access to our premium content, resources, and foundational master courses.

Personalized Support

We’re here to support you every step of the way. In our weekly Mastermind calls you will receive support & feedback, as well as validation and clarity on experiences you’re having.

Community Connection

Join an amazing community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for spiritual development & understanding your energetic (psychic) abilities. Connect, collaborate, and grow together.

Ongoing Updates

Stay in the know with regular updates and fresh content. We’re constantly working to provide you with the latest insights on spiritual & psychic development, understanding your energetic self, and how to live a soul-guided life.

Member-Only Perks

Enjoy exclusive discounts, offers, and opportunities that are reserved just for our members. These special perks are designed to enhance your experience and assist in your spiritual development and growth.
More Information About Membership

What my clients have to say…

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know what way is best for me to work with Felicity?

You can sign up for a complimentary 30 minute coaching session to discover how to best meet your needs. You can find this in the shop/store.

How is developing my inner guidance system different than my intuition?

Your inner guidance system is similar to your intuition but it’s not the same thing. Your intuition is not as reliable about giving you feedback, but your inner guidance system can be developed to a point that you can receive feedback 24/7 about all the important decisions in your life. You can use it to guide you towards everything that is in alignment for you. It’s your most powerful and reliable form of guidance.

What if I only want to work on one clair (psychic ability) at a time?

You can work on anything you want at any point. Our sessions are 100% catered to your needs and what you want to work on.

Why are there only 1:1 sessions for 8 weeks?

8 weeks is the perfect amount of time to digest what you’re learning and be able to apply it in your life. I want you to walk away feeling like you have a strong understanding of your inner guidance and abilities, and be able to use them with ease. If you’re wanting a larger amount of time, let me know and I can set up a custom arrangement.