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It’s time for you to live a life where you’re so deeply connected to your inner knowing that your path and each choice within it, now becomes laser clear to you.

A life where second-guessing and doubt is eliminated, as you embody soul-aligned confidence — a feeling of being completely plugged into your spiritual navigation like a guiding light, causing you to know the best path for you in any given moment.

When you live a soul-aligned life — every choice, action, and word becomes an extension of your soul. You begin to live your utmost truth — your highest potential — your soul life. This is your truest nature...

Are you ready to start that life?


Membership Opens April 2024 (important message & pricing below)

This membership is for you if...

  • You’ve been struggling to access your guidance, but lack any real consistency
  • You feel disconnected from your inner knowing and inner wisdom
  • You’ve heard of guides but have no idea if you have any, or if they’re actually helping you
  • You have no idea how to access, much less align with your higher self
  • You’ve been feeling unclear about your purpose
  • You’ve been finding it hard to trust yourself and your choices
  • You feel ungrounded and unfocused, and maybe even overwhelmed and burnt-out
  • You’re going through a transition in your life and could use support from like-minded people who have been through, or are going through what you’re going through
  • You might know about energy, but don’t know how to deal with your own energy and energetic boundaries
  • You want to turn your dreams into your reality but don’t know how to do it
  • You’ve learned about manifesting but just can’t seem to dial it in
  • You feel lost, and wish you had an inner GPS that would help you know which choice is best for you in any given moment

Be a part of an amazing like-minded community of people who are learning about and going through the same things as you. A place where you can freely explore the mysticism of your life, amp up your innate intuitive abilities, hone in your superpowers, dial in your guidance, and embrace your soul-aligned life, with people who totally understand — people who have had experiences like you

Are you ready for a life where you have...

  • A greater sense of purpose and fulfillment as you live in alignment with your soul’s path?
  • More clarity and confidence in decision-making, leading to increased success and satisfaction in all areas of life?
  • Deeper connections and more meaningful relationships, as you attract people and experiences that align with your highest potential?
  • Increased energy and vitality, as you effectively manage your energy and create healthy boundaries?
  • A greater sense of harmony and flow in your life, as you allow life to unfold in a way that is aligned with your soul’s purpose?
  • More abundance and success in all areas of life, as you effectively manifest your desires and live in alignment with your highest potential?

In this membership, you will...

  • Understand how to develop and trust your inner guidance or soul GPS
  • Have the ability to recognize and follow your soul’s path with confidence
  • Have the skill to make choices and attract people that are aligned with your highest potential
  • Have the knowledge of how to manage your energy and maintain clear boundaries in order to protect your vital energy
  • Begin to live in the flow state and allow life to unfold in a harmonious way
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction and how to use it
  • Develop a greater sense of trust and faith in the Universe’s ability to deliver on your soul’s desires
  • Develop increased clarity and confidence in decision-making as you begin to receive clearer guidance from your higher self and guides
  • Have an improved ability to tune into your intuition and to distinguish between ego-driven and soul-aligned choices
  • Have a deeper understanding of your life’s purpose and the steps you need to take to fulfill it
  • Have a greater sense of connection and harmony with the Universe, as you begin to live in alignment with your highest potential and soul’s purpose

Welcome to the....

Foundational Master Courses on Psychic Development (above)

When you become part of The Soul Aligned Living Membership, you’re joining a community of like-minded people on their spiritual journey, who share your passion for developing their guidance and living a soul-aligned life.

Here, you can expect...

  • Weekly LIVE zoom calls for support and feedback
  • Access to all past recordings
  • Weekly Q & A check-ins with feedback
  • Powerful Guest Speakers monthly
  • An exclusive Facebook group to cultivate group connection & community
  • Essential Foundational Master Courses on psychic development
  • Facilitation of the development your inner/higher guidance & psychic abilities
  • Facilitation of the development of your higher purpose: How to find it, and the steps to live it!
  • Transformative guided meditations
  • Tools for understanding & managing your energy
  • Helpful downloadable worksheets & PDF’s

Other amazing things will be added as the membership grows…

What a sample week might look like...

In the beginning of the week you might hop on the live zoom support call with Felicity and others within the group, where you can get instant support on any number of things, including how to check in with your guidance, or get clarity on what your soul is trying to say to you, or perhaps clarify a guide’s message to you. You would also benefit from everyone else’s questions and feedback from that call.

You could then access any of the 7 master courses on inner guidance and psychic development throughout the week from within your dashboard. These are complementary to you as a member. As you work through them, you can also bring any question you  have to either the live weekly call, or submit them to the weekly Q&A, where any question will be answered on a Facebook livestream.

At any point you can also get feedback and support from the other members. So feel free to submit any questions in the group. It’s there to help one another along your journey.

And perhaps you might want to download any variety of materials, from PDF workbooks that you can use along your journey, to a dream journal, to inner guidance development tools, to psychic development support materials. All materials are part of the membership and available to you any hour of the day.

Or maybe you’d like to download one of the guided meditations designed to help you access your guides or higher self. Or one that helps you access your inner healer. There will be a number of powerful guided meditations. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just submit your request for a guided meditation, and Felicity will create one.

And at the end of the week, after submitting your questions to the Q&A thread throughout the week, you can join the Facebook livestream to get any other questions answered. If you miss it, you can always access any past content on Facebook, or in the archives. Everything will always be saved and available to you.

Additionally, once a month you can look forward to a new guest speaker on any variety of topics that might benefit you and your spiritual and psychic development.

I hope this all sounds exciting to you! Because I can’t wait to get started….


A little bit about me...

After my near-death motorcycle accident when I was 19, where I lost my right leg, my life changed forever. Suddenly I felt a pull from within to do something purposeful. In that moment, I needed to learn about healing.

But what I didn’t know at the time, was that my new path was actually about discovering and following my inner guidance. And that studying healing was only the first step of many on that journey.

All I knew was that I felt/knew something and I had to follow it. This led me on a long circuitous journey of discovering what this inner guidance really is, and how to hone it to be a daily guide.

I’ve been interested in spiritual wisdom since I was very young. I started off lucid dreaming and astral projecting before I was even a teenager. In my 20’s, after my accident, my skills amped up and I was traveling to astral realms of unknown origins.

I also learned a number of healing modalities which I used while working in various healing centers. But at some point my inner guidance would tell me to shift my course to learn new modalities, and go onto new spiritual paths.

These paths included: Acupuncture, Reflexology, Intuitive Massage, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Intuitive & Energy Healing, Spiritual Counseling, Holistic Wellness Consulting & Practice, Healing through Visualization, Angel Healing, Prosperity/Abundance Counseling, Divine Communication & Guidance, Meditation, the Chakras, Bach Flower Remedies, Reiki, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Life Purpose Fulfillment, and Manifestation & the Law of Attraction. Of course, not to mention all the self-training and reading I did over the years to pad my education and certification. You could say that I was absolutely driven to absorb knowledge!

I never understood why I kept feeling the need to shift course, but I trusted it. Eventually this inner guidance led me to where I am today! I didn’t know I was here to teach people how to use their own inner guidance, but it is one of the things that makes me truly happy!

I love helping to connect people to their own inner and higher knowingness. This way they can get their own answers. And that’s truly the most empowering thing I can offer people.

A special deal you won't want to pass up...

Because this is the launch of this membership, I am offering something very special to my initial “Beta” members. I have 10 seats only for those who want to be the initial test-pilots of my membership. They will receive the membership for the lowest price I will NEVER offer. What I mean is, this price is ONLY for you. $35/mo or $350/yr (with two months free) for as long as you are a member!

Keep in mind that the initial launch of the membership is starting at $55 in April, and that will only be available for the first year. So after that, the membership fee will go up.

If you are interested in being one of the test pilots, otherwise known as my “Soul Founding Members,” please reach out to me via email at, with the code word #SFM. You will get access into the program before the regular launch members.

The Soul Founding Members will also get ongoing benefits through the entirety of the membership time. They will…

  • be able to join new offers ahead of others
  • be able to be “Beta Testers” for any other program at a sizeable discount, should they choose to
  • be notified of new programs early, giving them the opportunity to join programs that have limited spaces


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