1:1 Coaching (8 Weeks)


  • Weekly private 1:1 zoom call
  • Duration — 1 hour
  • Get your questions answered in these weekly sessions
  • Get feedback and support regarding your homework or things you’re working on
  • Get tailored tools and an individualized plan for your specific development

Weekly coaching for 8 weeks on developing your inner guidance, higher guidance, energetic (psychic) abilities, etc.




This coaching plan is tailor-made especially for you. We work together to create an individualized plan for your specific development. All tasks and homework that are assigned are created for you in that very moment. I do not use the same approach for anyone. Each person is different, therefore each approach is different. We will work on what you want to develop. Do you want to develop your inner guidance? Learn how to connect with your higher guidance through your clairs? Explore lucid dreaming or astral projection techniques? Master energy healing? You just let me know. Each plan will include developing your inner guidance because it’s such a valuable tool for feedback and validation.

The 1:1 coaching is held weekly for 1 hour each week, for a series of 8 sessions.

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