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Your Inner Guidance Master Course

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This course is all about your inner guidance system, what it is, how to find it within yourself, and how to hear and follow it’s guidance.


Welcome to this course!

Please take your time as you go through each lesson. I realize each lesson may appear simple, but the work is in the application of the lessons. Make sure that you spend enough time fully understanding and integrating each lesson, as well as understanding your own inner guidance system and how it works.

I’ve given you all the information that you need to start using your own inner guidance system effectively. It’s up to you to not just watch these videos, but to apply everything on a consistent basis in your life. When you do, you will notice profound results.

There are some lessons that just have a video for you to watch, and some lessons that have a variety of exercises for you to go through. Make sure that you put as much energy into each exercise as possible.

The point is to understand how your inner guidance works. You can’t do that by just doing each exercise once. You’ll need to do each exercise until you feel like you understand your inner guidance system.

I guarantee you will be richly rewarded for taking the time to do each exercise as fully as possible, for your inner GPS is the voice and directions of your soul. It can only benefit you!

I hope you enjoy this course. If you let it, it will change your life…


Feedback and validation is an essential part of developing your energetic abilities, whether they be your clairs or inner guidance. You need that feedback and validation to know whether or not you’re doing it correctly and whether you need to make any adjustments to your methods.

Since this is a home-study course, it’s challenging to have this validation. You have to be your own validation, and give yourself the feedback that you need.

One of the amazing things about your inner guidance system is that it is designed to be this source of feedback and validation for you, once you learn how to use it correctly and reliably.

You will essentially check in with your inner guidance to receive the feedback that you’re looking for. Does it feel right, or not? Is it from your guides, or not? You will develop an entire feedback system within your inner guidance. This is also why it’s incredibly important to develop your inner guidance system.

If you are taking this course as a part of the membership, make sure that you reach out for feedback and validation within the membership, especially in the live zoom meetings, and the weekly Q&A. This will help you to hone everything in while going through this course.

If you are taking this course outside of the membership, I encourage you to either consider 1:1 coaching to help you hone your inner guidance system, or join the membership. That way you can get the additional support.

If you choose to go it alone, no worries! Just be steadfast about doing each exercise thoroughly and repeatedly. Be the scientific observer of your inner guidance. Make sure you take the time to explore and understand how your inner guidance feels when it triggers. You can’t learn how to use your inner guidance system just by going through the course in a superficial way. You absolutely must endeavor to fully understand how it works for you.

Trust me when I say that I’ve given you all the tools (in this course) that you need to develop your inner guidance. It’s just a matter of diving in deeply and exploring them for yourself. Get to know what feels in alignment and what doesn’t. Your inner GPS is waiting for you….